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Domestic Violence

Military members often face stricter punishments for domestic violence and other crimes. This is because they are held under Federal military codes which include the issue of domestic violence. Military divorce cases often find their roots in domestic violence. If you have been accused of domestic violence, it is highly important to contact my firm and retain the assistance of a knowledgeable lawyer.

Family Advocacy

When a military member is accused of domestic abuse, this is called family advocacy. The purpose of this term is to show the severity of the situation and prove that the abused member needs to be protected from a recurring situation. The results of family advocacy can be that the abuser will be forced to reside in the barracks for the remainder of the case until it is entirely resolved. The family of the military member can also move to another location and legal authorities will take all necessary steps to protect the family, such as establishing a protective order. The military justice system will not let this situation go unnoticed. They will enact justice, which is reserved for situations such as this.

Enlist Legal Assistance

It is important to get help as soon as possible if you are involved in a family advocacy situation. The laws of Florida are written in a way that aims to protect the interest of the child in all divorce situations. The court can rule that the abuser may have limited and supervised visitation rights after the divorce, in some circumstances. Each case is entirely unique and should have dedicated attention from a military divorce lawyer. At Charles E. Willmott, P.A., I devote a significant amount of time to each client. In order to protect yourself from harm, contact a military divorce lawyer. If you are a member of the military, I can help you through your domestic violence case.

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